Shady Mechanics – YUCK!

I went in for my regular oil change.  I take great care of my car, I love my car!  2005 Jeep Liberty.  When it was paid for, I treated it to a new paint job – it has sparkles in it.  I chromed it out and it is awesome.  I hope to drive it to 200k miles.

I have been going to the same place for many years:  Kwik Kar Willow Bend, 2208 Midway Rd, Plano TX 75093, 972-781-2700

I am so sad because I trusted them.  Never trust mechanics, move to a new place often.  I guess they thought my car was older and they could get away with what they did.


They bring me out to my car and show me some dry, white sediment build-up on top of my water pump.  They told me my water pump was leaking and I should have it fixed. I do not know a lot about cars but it seems to me that if something is leaking, it would leak down, not up.  I told them I was too busy today and would have to come back in.  They told me they had a loaner car.  I still refused.  Then, they told me it was dangerous for me to drive!  There were 4-5 of them standing there, just watching the show, to see if I was going to be stupid enough to take the bait.


I asked for an estimate.   Are you kidding me?  $653.59!  

I called my boyfriend who does all of the maintenance on his vehicles.  He told me to leave and he would come look at it.  

Yes, if the water pump was leaking, it would leak down and the fluid would have been on my garage floor, orange or pink in color.  

He took a closer look at the estimate, they put down that my car was a 4-wheel drive – that would make the price higher.  He called Auto Zone and asked how much for their top-of-the-line water pump – $50! 

Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!  Beware of mechanics, always get a second opinion.  It has been over a week now and not a drop from my car!


2 thoughts on “Shady Mechanics – YUCK!

  1. This is disgusting. I’ve had a similar experience at a different mechanic a few years back and posted on Yelp ( Immediately, I got so much hate mail and, as you can see, even an ‘retaliation’ post. Haha. People are such freaks. Anyhow, I never went back to that place and learned my lesson. It sucks that women are taken advantage of by mechanics!! Hopefully you find someone dependable and reliable.

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  2. Thanks Monica – I was not able to see the “retaliation” posts but, I have to say I got a few. I posted my experience in Next Door so that my neighbors would be aware. I cannot believe some of the responses. I won’t be going back to that place either.


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