Roary’s Amazing Life, (6/18/2003 – 7/25/2017)

Roary’s amazing life, (6/18/2003 – 7/25/2017). 

My heart
I love you Mom.

There comes a time in every fur-parent’s life that a devastating decision must be made. My life must change. I can no longer watch her in pain, it would be beyond selfish.

To my Roary, I apologize for the last few days hoping that some magic thing would happen. While you have been on pain medication, I know you are feeling bad. I look in your eyes and there is a strange understanding there. That you know your life is ending and you are tired of feeling pain. You are ready and you need me.

It is my job to protect you with the same unconditional love you have given me for the last 14 years. I will honor that, even though my heart is breaking. I will hold you and comfort you to make your passing gentle, calm, and fear-free. The countless times you have turned my tears to joy, my loneliness to companionship, and my life to love – how do I repay you for that?

We had a few days together and I spent this time celebrating our lives. I am holding you tighter, carrying you everywhere, and smelling you every chance I get. We visit your favorite places one last time; Home Depot, Pet Smart, and anyplace I can bring you with me – you are smiling and loving every minute!


I will miss your soft, warm little body snuggled up next to me in bed. All the lovely little cuddles, tricks, and kisses you have given are so close to my heart. I will so badly miss your bossy attitude when “Walk Time” comes around, how much you loved that and how important it was to your day. You walked me almost every day, keeping us both healthy and full of energy.

You got to eat bacon and scrambled eggs (your favorite food in the universe) and quickly scarfed it down. Then, snorted at me to refill your bowl. You make me laugh and touch my heart once again!

Best Buds
We were best buds. She just wanted to go, it never mattered as long as she was there. They loved her at Home Depot. I would bring her to the art shows I participated in and she would spend the weekend with me selling my art. People loved her.

I wish you could help me through this one. It is your turn for me to rescue you one last time because you have rescued me every single day of your life. I will so desperately miss you my sweet little girl. Thank you for bringing so very much joy to my life.

Lovey Baby
Just the love of my life – sweet, beautiful little girl. I will miss you so much.


One thought on “Roary’s Amazing Life, (6/18/2003 – 7/25/2017)

  1. What an amazing tribute to your sweet little girl. It was difficult to get to the end through the tears in my eyes. I know how much you will miss your dear and loyal companion.


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