COOKIES – How Did I Get Into The Cookie Business?


COOKIES – How Did I Get Into The Cookie Business?  LINK

I guess it all started years ago, when I was in my teens.  I was always baking something, very Zen! I used to watch Julia Child like so many of my peers. 

However, it was my mother who was the first person that allowed me to veer from the exact recipe.  She knew I was a perfectionist and how frustrated I would get.  She was always adding things to boring, basic recipes and making it delicious!  It was amazing to me – I could break the rules!  (Enter angels singing….)

I preferred oatmeal cookies unlike any of my siblings – they were all the chocolate chip lovers.  Chocolate was never my go-to comfort food.  Fruit flavors are my favorites – pies, cakes, cookies, and candy. 


So I have a basic oatmeal cookie recipe that I started with and added my favorite things until I have twisted and tweaked to perfection!

I usually sample to my clients at work during the Christmas holidays which generates a ton of sales.  Then, I rest.  A client ordered 4-dozen for a bridge party she was going to.  I went ahead and made up more samples for work.  Now I am getting orders like crazy again.  I love making them but, how did I get into the cookie making business?!?!?!?!

FUN & LOVE!  I sell cooked or frozen (roll) so that you can bake a few at a time whenever you want.  COOKIES – click this link for purchasing details.  I also do special requests for dietary modifications.  I will make special packaging for you too!

To purchase or get more information click here – COOKIES

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