OCD and Eyebrow MicroBlading

I have a client who I know is OCD. She really struggles with her eyebrows.  I am her Aesthetician.  I MicroBlade them and do the touch-ups often to make her life easier. She is one of those people who will spend an hour plus putting her eyebrows on in the morning only to wipe them off and start over. She is so severe she has missed work because of it.
You cannot imagine what it is like to MicroBlade them on for her.  In one sentence she will tell me that she wants more of a curve but pointier.
I allot extra time for her because I refuse to rush her through the process.  It is finished when she is happy.
I have found a new inner me that is beyond kind and patient.  I can feel her pain and help her as much as I can.  I love my job, my clients, and my life.

To find out more about me and see more of my work:  Making Faces

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