Skiing in Lake Tahoe, (3/15 – 3/19/18)


I have friends who have a cabin in South Lake Tahoe, California.  This place is beautiful.  I have been many places in the world and it is probably in my top 3 most amazing places in the world.  (Italy’s Amalphi Coast is tough to beat.)


The ski lodge we go to there is called “Heavenly” – very appropriate.  You are in the clouds at the top of the mountain and ski down to the ever serene Lake Tahoe.

We flew in to a snow storm and the first day was crazy snow.  The next two days of skiing were in sunshine and powder.  The place was packed and we had a great time.


Enjoy the pics!



2 thoughts on “Skiing in Lake Tahoe, (3/15 – 3/19/18)

  1. Looks like great fun, Linda! I wish I could still ski but I can’t because of my hips. Glad you treated yourself! Still can’t seem to comment on your blog. Don’t know if the problem is on my end of yours!! ___________________

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