My Violent Hot Flash


It was the perfect storm for my body.  I just had a really strong orgasm before my boyfriend hit my cervix with his penis. OUCH!!! My hormones were just enough off.  I also have an inverted uterus which just makes everything weird. 

He had never seen anything like it.

I don’t get hot flashes very often and I do HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). I have probably had 4 of these hot flashes in my entire life.  When I do, they are quite amazing.

He looked at me and said there was no color, not just in my face, in my entire body.  I start to sweat.  More like, I become a human hose through every pore in my body.  Drenched hair and body.  It forces everything out of my body. I cramp, poop, and puke.  This goes on for about 10-15 mins. 

hot flash

He is freaking out and wants to take me to the hospital.  I am trying to stay calm and explain that it’s a hot flash.  He thinks I am having a heart attack and talking forcefully at me to go to the hospital – puts on all his clothes and is ready to drag me out of the house.

I have been lucky so far.  No one has been around when I have had one.  It would freak anyone out.

Afterward I am exhausted.  I take a shower and a nap and I am fine.  I promised to make a doctor’s appointment so he would calm down.  It’s time for my Woman’s Wellness anyhow and I see my HRT Doc in a week.  They will reset my hormones and hopefully I won’t have another soon.

I wonder how many other women are like this?  I talked to a friend about it the next day and we shared “Hot Flash” stories – love my girlfriends!


snow women

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