Pterygium; Eye Tumor, Benign

Lying here in the OR.  It’s bright, white, sterile.  The nurse put goopy drops in my eye and told me to keep them shut before they rolled me in.  I’m doing that and listening.  I hear 3 distinct voices.  They are talking about the 4th of July activities they have planned.  One of them yawns and says how tired she is.  Another yawns and complains that the first one started it and now they were all going to start yawning.

I point in the direction of the 1st yawning voice and ask if she will be working on me.  They all laugh and become quiet.  I am thinking they are probably not supposed to make the patient nervous and realized what had just happened.  I am nervous, terrified.  I have to do this.

I ask how this whole thing is going to go down.  Nurse 2 speaks up and asks exactly how much do I want to know.  I say; “make it graphic.”


Nurse 2; “The doctor will come in, sit behind your head.  He will put your eyelids in a clamp to keep your eye open, wide.  He will lay a sheath over your eyeball.  It will feel sticky and damp.  He will then cut a slit in the sheath and spread it to have full access to your eyeball.  You will not be aware at this point.  He will then cut the tumor out of your eyeball.  When he has gotten as much as possible, he will put a membrane patch on the area.  It is not sewn in, glued on, or anything else so you have to be careful for the next 7-10 days.  Do not lift anything over 20 pounds, no workout for a week.”

I wake up, my boyfriend by my side.  I feel a pressure.  Dull pain.  The numbing drops are amazing.  Huge patch on my eye.  I just want to be home, asleep.

Ugggg, I cannot workout for a week and have to sit around until work on Monday, it’s only Wednesday.  Doctor said in 3-4 weeks you will be completely back to normal.  I have to constantly put drops in my eyes to keep the pain at bay.  No problem with that.

Medicine is an amazing thing.  The procedure they did on me was not available years ago and people would just lose their sight.


That is not my tumor.  Mine was bigger.  It was growing toward my lasik flap or I may have been able to put it off for a while longer.  They are caused from sun damage.  I have had it for years.  I should have worn sunglasses when I was a kid. 

Here is the Wikipedia link on it with more pics; Pterygium


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