You Can’t Fix Stupid

Me:  He’s a cheater. Dumb-Ass:  He’s a diamond-in-the-rough. Me:  No, he’s a cheater.  He is sleeping with you and has a wife and 2 kids.  He’s a piece of shit. Dumb-Ass:  Everyone gets divorced.  He will get divorced and then that diamond will come out. Me:  Yes, he will get divorced, he is cheating on … More You Can’t Fix Stupid



I have a client, woman in her early 60’s, kind, gentle, and soft spoken. She has only been in a few times. Really wants beautiful skin she says. I think she has great skin. As I am working on removing superficial skin tags and some red veins I notice small scars. Not just one. They … More Scars

Two Dates

I have had two random dates recently.  Both were very nice men.  There was no mutual chemistry and one was very honest about it.  I always appreciate honesty.  Both never asked one question about me and went on and on about their lives, families, and other interests.   Don had been married 38 years before his … More Two Dates