My Violent Hot Flash

It was the perfect storm for my body.  I just had a really strong orgasm before my boyfriend hit my cervix with his penis. OUCH!!! My hormones were just enough off.  I also have an inverted uterus which just makes everything weird.  He had never seen anything like it. I don’t get hot flashes very … More My Violent Hot Flash


Holistic Pet Supply

Holistic pet supply – pawTreePets.  The healthiest food, treats, and toys I have ever found.  I love this company and so does Leo! 20 Reasons pawTree Dog and Cat Food is a Better Way  What We Don’t Have No poultry by-products No corn, no wheat, no soy No added sugars or sweeteners No artificial colors, … More Holistic Pet Supply

Custom-Design Your Pet’s Food & Treats

pawTree Custom-Design Your Pet’s Food & Treats.  Yes, you can custom-design your pet’s food for it’s special needs – even their treats!  Leo was having problem itching.  After a few days on his new food his coat is shiny and the constant licking has stopped! Our Nutrition Philosophy – It’s The pawTree Difference At pawTree, our … More Custom-Design Your Pet’s Food & Treats

Best Dog/Cat Food I Have Ever Found – PawTree

PawTree – This is the best food I have ever found for my dog.  I was able to customize the formula for his special needs.  They are offering a ton of pre-holiday specials too!  PawTree Our Nutrition Philosophy – It’s The pawTree Difference At pawTree, our philosophy about nutrition starts with our belief that pet nutrition … More Best Dog/Cat Food I Have Ever Found – PawTree