Okay, so we have had constant care from Jason and Sonja, our Trek guides. They have tended to our needs every minute of every day and it has been wonderful. We have a night where we get to venture out on our own, explore the city, and have dinner without the group in the … More Tiramisu


Italy – Day 8

WOWZA, today is Linda‚Äôs choice! I opt to sleep in, casually eat, and window shop Polenza. Absolutely beautiful city! We woke up to rain so, sleeping in was super easy. This city is so amazing. Homes and businesses are built right into a steep incline of a mountain side. The entire Amalfi coast is like … More Italy – Day 8

Italy – Day 7

  We have a full day ahead. The itinerary starts out at the Naples Archeological Museum, then the City of Pompeii, an inlaid wood factory, and (if we have time) a ceramic factory. The museum has the most extensive collection of sculpture I have ever seen. Enormous pieces that are just incredible.   There is … More Italy – Day 7

Italy – Day 6

Traveling in a foreign country can be unsettling. I do not speak Italian and no one understands a word I am saying. Ha, quickly learned things like Toilette (bathroom) and Basta (stop with the food already!). They feed you until you explode and the food is amazing. Today we say goodbye to our group and … More Italy – Day 6

Italy – Day 5

The last day of a ride on a bike tour is always the most amazing, longest, hardest, and what you have been working for all week. We are going 35 miles to the Southern-most tip of the peninsula of Italy where the Adriatic and Ionian seas meet. The elevation guide looks like an erratic heart … More Italy – Day 5