My Violent Hot Flash

It was the perfect storm for my body.  I just had a really strong orgasm before my boyfriend hit my cervix with his penis. OUCH!!! My hormones were just enough off.  I also have an inverted uterus which just makes everything weird.  He had never seen anything like it. I don’t get hot flashes very … More My Violent Hot Flash


A Quiet Walk

It was a quiet walk.  We took Leo to the nature park on a cool, Sunday morning.  We have dated for two years now.  There are things we agree and disagree on.  It’s okay, we are different.  We both know it and understand it. The differences make it difficult to go further.  We have love, … More A Quiet Walk


This story was relayed to me recently and I had to share.  Charactors: Jane – girl meets guy Bob – guy meets girl Sue – friend of Jane Bill – friend of Bob (former friend) Back story:  Jane and Sue had met Bob several years ago.  They became “Friends” on Facebook.  Bill and Bob had … More ROAD RAGE