I had a meeting with a man from recently.  In our messaging, he mentioned that he would be bringing me a “pre-selected gift”.  I told him that I was not sure about the gift thing but, that I would roll with it.  Here is what he ended up giving me.  I opened it, read … More Fantasy


Where do I begin?  When he initially contacted me through Match, I told him he was too young.  He is 50.  He let me know that 50 was not too young and that I should meet him.  I did. Saturday.  Tall, attractive, and a beautiful smile – what’s not to like?  Visually, he was the … More Mark

Ron – 2/7/2015

I have a married friend, “Andrea A”, I love her dearly!  She has what I call “Married Lady Eyes”.  She has been in a relationship so long that she has no concept of what dating is like.  She is under the delusion that all men would treat her with the same kindness and respect her … More Ron – 2/7/2015

DOC – 1/25/2015

This is the sad part of dating.  You meet a really nice, kind and respectful person and you just don’t have any chemistry.  Doc is a great guy.  He has probably been alone too long.  He is a little desperate and is hoping that I will at least give another date with him a try.  … More DOC – 1/25/2015