Two Dates

I have had two random dates recently.  Both were very nice men.  There was no mutual chemistry and one was very honest about it.  I always appreciate honesty.  Both never asked one question about me and went on and on about their lives, families, and other interests.   Don had been married 38 years before his … More Two Dates


Junk Yard Dog

This is the first time a man has inspired me to make a work of art.  He was so evil (in my mind) that I was having a really hard time getting through my emotions.  Keep in mind that my husband/best friend cheated on me after 14 years of marriage and spent the next 2 … More Junk Yard Dog

Ron – 2/7/2015

I have a married friend, “Andrea A”, I love her dearly!  She has what I call “Married Lady Eyes”.  She has been in a relationship so long that she has no concept of what dating is like.  She is under the delusion that all men would treat her with the same kindness and respect her … More Ron – 2/7/2015


This blog is for me.  It is a story that has had an immense impact on my life.  It is sad.  I have a day spa.  Ethics are very important to me.  I pride myself on the level of respect and confidentiality that I show my clients.  It is important to me and my clients … More CAROL