The Other Woman

A friend of mine was at the airport recently and this flier was handed to him.  I blocked out the name of the flight attendant.  Before I start I want to let you know that I have never cheated on anyone that I was in a relationship with.  I have never purposefully gone out with … More The Other Woman

“Stupid Guy” Act

I met a couple who had been dating for approximately 8-9 months, Jack and Diane; both in their 50’s. They were bickering and not shy about it.  Diane wanted to vent and did.  Apparently, Jack went on a date another woman, Jill.  Diane found out about it because Jill contacted her to let her know.  … More “Stupid Guy” Act

Second Divorce

I found an old journal I started when I was first divorced.  I was married for 16 years.  It was my second marriage.  He had cheated periodically and I turned a blind-eye to it all.  I was young, in love, and adored him.   I think he finally fell in love with someone else around the … More Second Divorce

Porn – Al-Qaeda

Being an artist, I have an amazing imagination.  I don’t understand pornography.  It always seems to show impersonal acts that are demeaning to women.  That, of course, is only my opinion and I have seen very little porn because it grosses me out.  People say it is wonderful – mostly men.  It gives men such … More Porn – Al-Qaeda