I love him. It’s not about him. It’s about me. My life, my choices, my heart. It’s about me feeling that I could possibly deserve a man like him. I have searched my life for someone with my same values, respect, and expectations. We have similar backgrounds, his harder and more structured than mine. But, the … More BAGGAGE


Diabolical Plan

Seven Weeks His diabolical plan is working.  Every day with each act of kindness, gift of time, gentle attention to my needs and sincere care for me – little bits of me become his.  Little does he know this is a two-way street.

In a Relationship

I love this part.  I wish it would last forever.  We have spent the last several weeks getting to know each other to find out we have enough in common that we look forward to spending time together.  We are exclusive with each other.  I have not gone on a second date for a very … More In a Relationship


I had a meeting with a man from recently.  In our messaging, he mentioned that he would be bringing me a “pre-selected gift”.  I told him that I was not sure about the gift thing but, that I would roll with it.  Here is what he ended up giving me.  I opened it, read … More Fantasy

Terry and Greg

I had two meetings this weekend.  Terry was on Saturday and Greg was Sunday afternoon. Terry –  Nothing.  He knew there was no connection just as much as I did.  Nice guy but, NO. ************* Greg – Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!  And I never use that expression! This is the man who would not respond to … More Terry and Greg

AGE – Update 1

This is an update to; AGE.  I was very apprehensive about changing my age on Match.  I do not like deception.  However, I would like to meet someone and have a more fulfilled life. Well, let me tell you, I am now overwhelmed with men contacting me.  Their ages range from 26-75!  How would I … More AGE – Update 1


Okay, I did it.  I lied about my age.  Normally, I would not do such a thing.  I am 62 and quite proud of how I look at this age.  It takes a lot of work and maintenance.  I eat healthy, keep my weight down, workout like a crazy girl, and I am very adventurous. … More AGE


What a truly nice man; intelligent, attractive, and engaging.  I would certainly go out with him, if he asks.  I do not think he will.  We have very conflicting religious views.  While I have no problem with respecting others convictions, I have found that others do not feel the same. It  was a nice meeting.