AGE – Update 1

This is an update to; AGE.  I was very apprehensive about changing my age on Match.  I do not like deception.  However, I would like to meet someone and have a more fulfilled life. Well, let me tell you, I am now overwhelmed with men contacting me.  Their ages range from 26-75!  How would I … More AGE – Update 1

Men and Penis Pics

  I do not give out my personal information before I meet a man for many reasons.  One of the oddest reasons is the “Penis Pic”.   My girlfriends will be communicating with a man they have met through a dating website.  He seems nice, polite, engaged, and funny.  They are texting back and forth and … More Men and Penis Pics


I have found the following to be true with every man I have met. 1.   I will never change – this means that he will never change, compromise, or give a shit about anything you want or need.  It is all about him, all the time, and he will never change. 2.   Tonight it’s … More Man-isms

Lamar 2

LAMAR (1/5/2015) Okay, I know it’s crazy but I gave Lamar another chance.  He called and insisted we meet for lunch.  I know there is a stable man under that first disastrous meeting.  He was very grounded in our conversations through Match and I found his behavior odd to say the least.  In talking with … More Lamar 2

Doug (11/18/2014)

Doug – (11/18/2014).  I was a little embarrassed to post about meeting Doug because he is only 43 (I am 61) and I felt really uncomfortable about the whole thing.  I am not usually attracted to much younger men. He was very persistent!  At my age, you have to appreciate a man with any testosterone … More Doug (11/18/2014)

Charles (8/28/2014)

One of my first dates on was with Charles (8/28/2014).  He was 73, retired, lived close, and described himself as active.  He was involved in a senior’s soft ball league so I thought he would be a pretty healthy guy. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me.  I am 61, run … More Charles (8/28/2014)