Diabolical Plan

Seven Weeks His diabolical plan is working.  Every day with each act of kindness, gift of time, gentle attention to my needs and sincere care for me – little bits of me become his.  Little does he know this is a two-way street.

In a Relationship

I love this part.  I wish it would last forever.  We have spent the last several weeks getting to know each other to find out we have enough in common that we look forward to spending time together.  We are exclusive with each other.  I have not gone on a second date for a very … More In a Relationship

Friendship Dynamics

Everyone has rules that help them throughout their life.  I have found that a rule I had for just men is also a very good rule for women friends. The rule is; “If you are dating a man, have been intimate with him, and are exclusive with him (in a relationship) he should be introducing … More Friendship Dynamics

“Stupid Guy” Act

I met a couple who had been dating for approximately 8-9 months, Jack and Diane; both in their 50’s. They were bickering and not shy about it.  Diane wanted to vent and did.  Apparently, Jack went on a date another woman, Jill.  Diane found out about it because Jill contacted her to let her know.  … More “Stupid Guy” Act

Symbiotic Relationship

I love my Keurig.  Perfect coffee every time, easy to clean, and they have “Raspberry Chocolate Truffle” flavor!  Yum!  When I first got my machine I was telling a client how much I loved it. Client; “I hate hot coffee.  I only like iced coffee.” Me; “Oh, what do you do in the morning, just ice … More Symbiotic Relationship