Spain – Day 9

Metro-Train-Cable Car; this happened!  It took us a while to figure it out, but we did it!  We took the Metro to the Train station, the Train to Montserrat, and a cable car to Montserrat Monastery.  The views are breath-taking.  It was easily the highest altitude I have ever been. We had a wonderful lunch … More Spain – Day 9

Spain – Day 8

Barcelona is so different than Majorca.  We went from island time to big, congested city.  I had no idea my friend was such a “planner”.  We got off the plane and hit the ground running!  She had every moment planned.  It was exhausting.  HELP ME! Spiral staircase.  My friend all proud of her organizational skills! … More Spain – Day 8

Spain – Day 6

 Today we only did 22 miles.  It was fun and I am really getting stronger, fast.  We revisited several places that we have already seen.  The village at the top of the mountain was one of those places.  After lunch, we climbed those 365 steps!  Look what was at the top.        We got … More Spain – Day 6

Spain – Day 5

  Okay, I wimped out!  I decided to do the 35 mile ride instead of the full-incline 40 mile ride today.  It was fabulous!  My friend did the big ride and she has stories to tell.  She is getting a free t-shirt that says; “I rode Legro’s Big One”.   Gordon was my team leader … More Spain – Day 5

Spain – Day 4

Today was our resting, casual, light ride day.  Only 32 miles.  The reason we are doing the light ride today is that tomorrow is supposed to be crazy hard.  I keep wavering on weather or not to do it.  My friend really wants to go and our team leader keeps telling me I can do … More Spain – Day 4