You Can’t Fix Stupid


Me:  He’s a cheater.

Dumb-Ass:  He’s a diamond-in-the-rough.

Me:  No, he’s a cheater.  He is sleeping with you and has a wife and 2 kids.  He’s a piece of shit.

Dumb-Ass:  Everyone gets divorced.  He will get divorced and then that diamond will come out.

Me:  Yes, he will get divorced, he is cheating on his wife and 2 kids.

Dumb-Ass:  He will be great once he is divorced and we can be together all the time.

Me:  Because someone who has zero respect for his current wife and children will now be perfect?!?!?!?!?!

Dumb-Ass:  Diamond-in-the-rough.

Me:  You’re a dumb-ass and I cannot be around to watch you destroy a family.


Side note – thank you for listening to me vent after this frustrating conversation.

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