Doug (11/18/2014)

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Doug – (11/18/2014).  I was a little embarrassed to post about meeting Doug because he is only 43 (I am 61) and I felt really uncomfortable about the whole thing.  I am not usually attracted to much younger men.

He was very persistent!  At my age, you have to appreciate a man with any testosterone left.   It is flattering, feels good, and there is always the possibility of, just maybe, him being normal enough to have sex with.

Our original meeting was set up for 3 pm @ Whiskey Cake. He messaged that he could not get away from work and would be there around 4:15 – fine.  I was there at 4:15 when he messaged again that he was caught in traffic and would be a little longer.   “Please Wait” were his exact words.

He finally shows up at 5:30 chewing gum and 15 pounds heavier than his pictures.  He was messaging me the whole time so that I wouldn’t leave.  He must have stopped for a burger on the way, because he wasn’t hungry.  I ate, listened to his immature ramblings, and wondered; “What the fuck was I thinking?”  He did pay and I mentioned that he should tip the waitress extra because we held up her table for over an hour waiting for him. 

He asked if I wanted to “hang out”.   Hang Out?  No.

He walks me to my car and tries to get all kissy-face on me — really!?  HA!  He actually wanted to go out again.

Later, when discussing it with a friend, she mentioned that he was probably drugged-out on something which would explain the rambling nonsense and gum.  And, something that I had not thought of, he was looking for a “Cougar”, which explains the “hang out” thing!

Sometimes I am so naïve.  Even though this was an utter waste of time, it is amusing.  This entire journey of trying to find a yin for my yang is extremely amusing.


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