Angel – Rejected Over Reptiles


I had not seen Angel in over 4 weeks and could not wait to catch up.  I love when my single friends tell me about their dating adventures, they are even more bazaar than mine! 

Angel is a petite, beautiful young woman.  She is self-sufficient, intelligent, and loves life.  She is definitely a catch in anybody’s book! 

Angel met a handsome, 42-year-old man (Bill) on a Thursday night at a mutual friend’s birthday party.  They hit it off and he asked her out for Saturday night.  For those of you who don’t know, Saturday night dates are a big deal.  Men usually reserve Saturday evening for cruising with the guys.  Being the intelligent woman that she is, she met him for their first date at a restaurant.  They were having a nice meal, great conversation, and laughing with each other.  After dinner, they relocated to a local bar to have a glass of wine. 

At this point Bill says; “I have a passion for raising reptiles.  My reptiles come before my relationships.” 

Angel is dumbfounded.  “How do I even respond to that?” she says.  “I am an animal lover and all I can think of is how is he feeding these reptiles?  Live food?  Does he raise little mice to feed the reptiles?  Crickets?  Reptiles – that encompasses a lot; snakes, lizards, and more.  He lives in an apartment – yikes!  I am so glad he doesn’t live in my complex.  This man wonders why he is not in a relationship.  I MUST RUN!” 

Angel was rejected over reptiles!


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