COLORADO – Day 8, (8/17/16)

We are taking this very cool steam-engine train ride from Durango to Silverton, Colorado.  I bring my big, ugly brown sweater because I know it will be cooler as we reach the elevation of about 9,500’.  

It is the friendliest train ride I have ever been on!  Everyone, and I mean everyone, we pass stops to wave at us.  This train runs several times a day, every day with loud steam and whistles!  You would think the people who live nearby would hate it.  They look up from whatever task they are doing in their back yards to smile and wave at us.  Dallas is a friendly city but this is crazy friendly!

I am a little apprehensive about being in an open-air car – I get cold so easily but, it is beautiful.  I do okay for about 20 minutes and decide to try to find a space in one of the closed-in cars.  As I am moving from one car to the next the train zigs when I zag.  In slow motion, I watch my iPhone slip out of my hand onto the train and onto the tracks.  I panic!  I have my hand open as if the phone is still in it and look at Rick.  Everyone knows what happened by the look on my face.  I am looking for a conductor – I realize they are not going to stop the train.  For one fleeting moment, I actually think of jumping off the train — uh, no!  Someone in the crowd yells the location and we make note for later.

Emmily has an iPhone too!

Everyone is consoling me as if I dropped a baby from the train – and rightly so!  Emmily has an iPhone too.  I go to the feature “Find iPhone”, find its exact location, and put it in “Lost” mode with Maryann’s phone number in case someone finds it.  I let it go and completely enjoy the rest of the trip except for not being able to take photos.

All the  photos were contributed by my fellow travelers.  It is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking rides I have ever experienced.  I would absolutely do this again and ride in the open-air car, just amazing.

By the time we get to Silverton it is only 44° and rainy.  Silverton is an authentic mining town.  I love my new sweatshirt, scarf, hat, and blanket.  The blanket looks amazing in the RV and perfect for cool nights.

Approximately 9 hours later when we get back to Durango Rick and Chris are on an investigative mission to find my iPhone.  This is the spot it was laying on the tracks.  It’s good to have 2 retired policemen with you!

Another super fun day!  Please don’t end!!!!!!

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