COLORADO – Day 2 (8/12/16)

Today we drive to the Cripple Creek, CO KOA.  The countryside is beautiful and ever-changing as we watch the mountains start to pop-up in the distance. 

Quirky, funny stuff roadside is always amusing. 

We made a stop for lunch at a rest area where there is a sign that says; “Warning, Watch for Snakes”.  Apparently, that means Rick must look for snakes.  He didn’t find any.  YAY!

Coming into Colorado – things are different!

Dallas elevation is around 400-450 feet.  Where we are staying, elevation 10,014 feet.  We landed at Cripple Creek Colorado RV Park in Divide, Colorado.  We woke up to about 40° (Dallas temp 108°) on a mountainside surrounded by clouds.  It is beautiful and surreal.

Roary has found her favorite spot; cozy and comfy.  Tomorrow we are stationary for 3 nights in a row.

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